Electricity and Power Problems Solutions

Electricity and Power Problems Solutions

Electricity problems are common in Goa. Besides power cuts, surges and erratic low voltage dips are frequent.

Surge protection for all electrical and electronic equipment is a need.





All these devices need surge protection.

Although standalone surge protectors are available, an ideal protector would be one that automatically regulates the voltage. When the voltage dips, the surge protector needs to boost the output supply to the normal 230volts.

A backup battery power source for a room will cost about 400$. This will power a fan, bulb and one computer for 5 hours.4

Photos Electricity and Power Problems Solutions

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Seems too expensive to me, how many car batteries do you need for 5 hours. Is it the fan that is using all the electric?


The cost of 1 car battery is $150. Then theres the inverter which charges the battery and switches power over to the battery when the power fails. Price of the inverter is 200$.


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