Tattoo Parlors in Goa: Your Chance to Ink Yourself

Tattoo Parlors in Goa: Your Chance to Ink Yourself

A tattoo is no more a taboo. No, rather it has become a way of life. Some youths just need to get a tattoo done on their arms or wrists or necks or even face- any part would do as long as it is accessible to the plebian eye and will garner him/her the amount of attention he/she deserves. In fact, if you live amongst the bunch of cool hobnobs, then not getting a tattoo may make you a sort of a pariah, a geek, or a loner. They may even hound you with statements like ‘depressed child’, ‘crazy’, ‘weird’ or even ‘prone to suicide’.

Goa, being the style icon of India, no doubt, is amongst the leaders when it comes to tattoo parlors. There are a number of parlours and studios in the state so that you can get inked on any part of your body under a modest sum of money. A Goa tourism info guide will be good enough to direct you to some of the best tattoo parlours in the state. Nevertheless, some good ones are Dragon Ink (Calangute), Big Ben Tattoo Studio (Anjuna), Tarazwa (Palolem Beach) and Dragon Ash (Baga). Since all these towns are heady beach spots, you do not need to make any exclusive journey to navigate to the tattoo parlours.

Some people just jump at the idea of getting a tattoo and neglect the basic precautionary measures that are recommended for every first-timer. Getting a permanent tattoo is no easy thing. You need to prepare yourself mentally for it, or else it can be a big regret later on. Most experts and tattoo artists advise people not to ink the name of their crushes or boyfriends or lovers, since the same tattoos can become a pain in the as*, once the breakup occurs.

Also, you must remember that different artists have different levels of expertise and experience. The quality of equipments also matters to an extent. It would not be a great idea to settle for a dingy studio or an ill-equipped parlor simply because of your greed to get the thing done cheaply.

When you are getting a tattoo done, you are playing with your skin and going against the law of the nature. So, use your Goa tourism info guide wisely and scan the reviews & ratings of the popular studios.

Tattooing can come with some pain, though it can be eased a bit if you pop up a pain-killer. Your tattoo artist shall be the ideal person to offer tips and erase your fears.

If you are on a honeymoon, then you can carve the shape of hearts or flowers to express love for each other. And if you are a dare-devil, then why not ink the name of your spouse! So, make way for a thrilling beach holiday! Honeymoon packages in Goa are ready for the flight!

Photos Tattoo Parlors in Goa: Your Chance to Ink Yourself

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