5 Best Places to Visit in Goa on Honeymoon

5 Best Places to Visit in Goa on Honeymoon

With Goa honeymoon packages, couples really can have a fantabulous time. Only one who has been to Goa can truly describe the thrill the journey brings. Though India does have its fair share of beach destinations, no other place can actually beat Goa in terms of its electrifying atmosphere and gung-ho crowd.
A honeymoon spent in Goa is a honeymoon well-spent. Here are 5 of the best places to visit in this state when on a romantic journey:

1. Dona Paula Beach: Goa is famous for beaches. So, does it sound surprising that they are actually the most romantic places to be in especially when the weather is on your side and the sun is about to leave. Romance-filled sunsets can make up for all the tiffs and quarrels which any couple goes through on a daily basis. Though Goa has a number of amazing beaches, it is the romantic mythological background of Dona Paula Beach which makes it the nerve centre of epic romances.

2. Old Goa: You are always in a good place when you are in the company of heritage buildings. Far from the flashy world of 21st century, Old Goa is that corner where life moves at a snail’s pace and the only sound that one often hears is the sound of the ringing church bells in the evenings. With churches, gothic cathedrals and dilapidated cemeteries, Old Goa is where the true romance of life lies.

3. Dudhsagar Falls: It is said that there is nothing more beautiful to the tired eye than the sight of a gorgeous waterfall. Plus, the sound which Dudhsagar makes when it is in full flow can send shivers down your spine.

4. Mandovi River: Mandovi River does not like to stay out of the limelight and despite competition from 40-odd beaches, this river has found a way to keep visitors interested. Cruise rides on this river make for excellent options to taste the beauty of nature and also have a sip of romance. Though cruises are available at different times of the day, it is better to choose the evening hours, inclusive of dinner.

5. Lighthouse Beach: Lighthouses have a surreal charm to them and will definitely remind you of the adventures of Famous Five and Secret Seven. The Lighthouse Beach can now be clubbed in the list of the best tourist places in India, since its lighthouse has been thrown open for public entry after a period of 20 agonizing years.

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