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Any couch surfers in north goa ??

As I understand, these people are looking for people to be in a film made in Goa. https://www.facebook.com/goaexplorers

The cost of 1 car battery is $150. Then theres the inverter which charges the battery and switches power over to the battery when the power fails. Price of the inverter is 200$.

There may be a drizzle in December, I have probably seen it only once. After December there is no rain for sure until the end of May.

Seems too expensive to me, how many car batteries do you need for 5 hours. Is it the fan that is using all the electric?

Does it rain in Goa during the months of December to MArch?

Looking to hire a sales manager to manage the fashion boutique I plan to open in Oct in Junas Wado. Looking for attractive, fashion savvy female. English written and spoken. Fun atmosphere. Beach Culture. Boho style made in India in our factory in Delhi. Western style using great Indian fabrics. Please e mail for more info. Position interviews in Goa in August. Start Mid Sept.www.deanalanlifestyle@yahoo.com

Unexpected november rain in Goa